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The trailer for IUC Terrorized is up on YouTube and Newgrounds. It is quite large, so streamers can watch the embedded version below, while modern people can get a high quality version, right here on Newgrounds!

Featuring the song "World of Fire" by Xenogenocide!

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Game Announcement

2010-02-23 02:46:52 by ThatOtherGameCompany

We are currently working on a top-down shooter called IUC Terrorized, and it is going well, we are almost finished, and if we got the time we could be finished on Sunday.

Quick about the game:
It is about a student, who draw the muhammed drawings and have to defend himself and his school from the terrorists. We promise that there will be a lot of shooting and explosions, it will be a experience of a life time.

Trailer coming soon!!

Game Announcement

The Crew

2010-02-22 15:30:51 by ThatOtherGameCompany

The Crew

Is a excellent programmer, artist, voice actor and also a sweet human being.

Is the lead programmer and also a crazy artist.

Is a voice actor,artist and a very wise man.

Artist,voice actor and he owns a ps3.

The Crew